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Steel is an essential material used in a variety of industries, product structures, products and services that  we use on a daily basis.

Hyss Group provides a wide variety of steel products which can be applied in different types of business industries such as: petroleum, shipbuilding, chemical, automotive, engineering, food, paper, kitchens and washrooms, electronic, hardware, healthcare and public facilities.

Due to high quality products and excellent customer service, Hyss Group has established long lasting trade relations with more than 100 countries.

We plan to further expand our international presence as well as establish branches in the US, European and Middle Eastern markets. We provide our global marketing and procurement department with a prominent position thus meeting changing demands of our growing customer base.




The function is under construction, so stay tuned!

la fonction est en construction, alors restez branchés!

La función está en construcción, así que ¡mantente atento!

A função está EM construção, então fiquem ligados!

функция находится в стадии строительства, так что оставайтесь на связи!

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